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Please subscribe and share... Gotta get to 1000 subs by Tuesday! Currently at 898 but we managed 114 in one day in Jan - please give us a hand :)

It's playlist exploration week on Geekology! Time to try a playlist you may not have watched yet. This time it's Star Trek Month 2017. Hit that subscribe button and the bell to make sure you don't miss anything!

February 17 at 1:06pmPublic

A new video is up... 10 days to get to 1000 subscribers - currently at 889 *please* subscribe and share

The link is playlist of all of this year's videos so far and is followed by a Star Trek Starship mini...

February 10 at 9:21pmPublic

Currently at 875 of the needed 1000 subscribers - join Geekology on YouTube today!

Please watch, subscribe, hit that bell, give it a thumbs up (maybe even leave a comment on the video page) and then share far and wide!

A new video is up!. The whole 2018 playlist is linked in case you missed previous episodes (but it starts at today's.)

February 4 at 9:33pmPublic

In the spirit of helping each other with YouTube's changes please take a look below :) 馃枛

Hello all,

I'm looking for some help, YouTube has changed it's policy on who can be a YouTube partner. Now you need 4,000 hours of viewtime in the last year (which we have well over that) and over 1,000 subscribers.

We currently have 944 subscribers and only need another 56, if you could subscribe and share our channel I would be really appreciative.

We're just coming back from hiatus and will be once again be providing tons of sci-fi news and content.

Thank you for any help and support.

January 19 at 6:10pmPublic

I need your assistance...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to assist me in getting more people subscribed to the YouTube channel known as Geekology (

A few months ago when we hit 600 subscribers, I set a target to get us up to 1000 subscribers in time for the...

January 17 at 7:46pmPublic