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Let me help you find the keys to your art!
Custom paintings, handmade...

60-90 min private one on one yoga -$20!!! You won鈥檛 find private classes for a better price! Schedule one today and let me help you find your zen! Discounts for group sessions 馃挄馃晧馃挄

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When you're told to "engage your core", what do you do? Do you simply tighten up your abs muscles? If that sounds like you, I'm here to tell you that your core muscles are NOT your ab muscles! Think of your core as muscles that surround your spine. When you engage your core, your spine feels supported. So next time you want to try engaging your core muscles, keep this in mind! Go inward and try to feel your spine and the muscles surrounding it. Try pretending that you just swallowed a piece of...

May 17 at 3:28pmPublic

"Instead of acknowledging our feelings, we begin to cut ourselves off from this part of our inner world, preferring to seek out ways to only feel and express our more positive emotions.

However, in doing this, we are really cutting ourselves off from the full spectrum of our humanness. This limits...

May 14 at 3:36pmPublic

Befriending Our Shadows
By Tara Ambrosine

Guided by a special sight that does not have two eyes
Everything is crystal clear when we focus deep inside
Listening to all the signs, but not with these two ears
These messages only come when we silence all we hear
Venturing down into our shadow is a dark...

May 14 at 8:48amPublic

Working on a workshop/program called "Befriending Our Shadows"...stay tuned for more details!!! Contact me if you're interested in my "Bringing Yoga Home" workshop which is currently being offered! 鈽猴笍馃挄馃晧馃尡馃尦

May 10 at 8:38amPublic